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Answers to these questions are provided by residents who are not attorneys or government officials.  All answers are subject to confirmation through official or  other authoritative sources.

Where Can I Dump my Pine Needles and Tree Trimmings (Slash)?

 FLFD and the Forest Lakes Owners Association have established an agreement with Black Mesa Ranger District to operate a Green Waste Transfer Station adjacent to our community on Forest Road 99A.

More information is available at

Can I Watch Television in Forest Lakes?

Most residents use Dish or DirecTV satellite services for TV. It may be possible to receive some "local" (Flagstaff) channels with a large amplified antenna system, but the small digital TV antennas are not adequate. Simon Dickinson has recommended this useful website: DTVGOVMAPS.COM

How are Properties Zoned?

Forest Lakes residential lots are zoned Agricultural Residential (AR). This zone is intended to designate areas of the County for low-density residential use on minimum Lot sizes of one (1) acre where those light agricultural activities can be conducted which are related to rural family living and pursuits.  A few lots are zoned Commercial or Multi-Family.  

Allowable lot uses, required setbacks, and other zoning details are in the Coconino County Zoning Ordinance, available at

Is there an HOA?

There is no Home Owners Association. The Forest Lakes Owners Association is a voluntary “club” of residents. Dues are $30 per year.


CC&R’s were in place when the subdivision was initiated. However, they are currently not in play as there is no enforcing entity. County rules and regulations are now the only legal requirements.

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